‘Built architecture is only created through light and light is what makes it dynamic.’

As a design partner of architects, artists and lighting companies, Studio Okular‘s team develops and implements holistic concepts and dynamic design solutions in the field of light.

Studio Okular sees architecture as a dynamic space – without being dependent on scale. Our field of activity ranges from the development of luminaires to the development of architectural projects to the design of outdoor spaces. The light itself serves as a material. We are interested in togetherness – the synergy of architecture and light.

Studio Okular offers individual consulting in the field of lighting design during planning and construction phases.

Studio Okular was founded by the architect Andrea Graser and builds on extensive knowledge in the field of architecture and art. For years’ experience in the development of international top-class projects build the base.

Studio Okular emphasises on research and development. In focus: the development of light objects and methods of lightening in the field of art and architecture.