16.02. until 20.02.2020 EuroShop2020 at Düsseldorf, Germany. It has been a pleasure for Studio Okular to be part of yesterdays opening of the booth stand by Lumitech Lighting Solutions

EuroShop 2020 fair booth Lumitech designed by StudioOkular

09.12.2019 In addition to the German Design Award 2020 the innovative luminaire K-SOLIS by KITEO andStudio Okular has been awarded with the Iconic Award 2020: Innovative Interior!


22.11.2019 German Design Award Winner 2020 – K Solis by Kiteo designed by Studio Okular


K Solis – child of the sun  Design catching the sun. K-Solis combines a glass lamp and a fabric lamp and uses both characteristics for light distribution. K-Solis consists of a glass sphere and a fabric shade. The fabric spans over to different sized metal rings. The taller ring defines the overall size of the lamp. The smaller ring – is situated above the middle axis of the taller one- defines the opening. The glass sphere inhabiting the light source is pushed through the opening and deforms the fabric by its dead weight. Both fabric parts are deformed by the weight and the dimension on the sphere displaying itself on the bottom view. K-Solis is taking its final shape. The fabric becomes a luminous body displaying its characteristics. Through its translucency the contours of the PiLed sphere are slightly visible. Fabric as substrate and the light as actor. Gently the lamp gets integrated in its surrounding. Gently the biorhythmic lighting illuminates the space. Product design by Studio Okular for Kiteo

Nov 2019 Studio Okular part of current issue @100haeuser magazine: “100 Future Objects 2020”

28.06.- 28.07.2019 Exhibition  Understanding & Art and Research  @MAK, Stubenring 5, 1010 Vienna

19.03.2019/ 19:00 Opening “Lighthouse” Wednesday, March 20 until Wednesday. April 3 @ AIL, Franz Josefs Kai 3, 1010 Vienna

Lighthouse an installation by Andrea Graser and Friedrich Biedermann

21.02.2019 – 10.11.2019 Exhibition “Auf der Kippe – eine Konflikgeschichte des Tabaks” @Volkskunstmuseum @Tiroler Landesmuseum, Innsbruck; Studio Okular has been in charge of exhibition and light design.

Auf der Kippe, opening event, exhibition design by Studio Okular

04.10.2018/ 18:00 Exhibition Opening “Spiegel” at Galerie MESSER, Spiegelgasse 23, 1010 Vienna.

Under what light will art be displayed inside  museums in the near future? The gallery MESSER gives a first idea of it…not completely by chance, because we were participating in the planning and implementation.

Galerie Messer 1010 Studio Okular in cooperation with Atelier Biedermann


10.4. until 25.4.2018 Exhibition  Fünf Künstlerinnen x Fünf Museen @AIL, Vienna

displaying works by the artists Friedrich Biedermann, Frauke Dannert, Gregor Eldarb, Alina Kunitsyna and Bernd Oppl. This exhibition is part of architect Andrea Graser’s research focusing the following questions „Under which light has the art work been created? What potential is hidden in future leading digital light technologies for designers, architects and artists? What influences do they have on the museum of the future?”

5 artists x5 museums research project by Andrea Graser

April 2018, Interview “Licht als Material” part of current issue of the magazine 100 Häuser/ 100 working SPACES/ “Fokus Licht”


18.03. until 23.03. Light+ Building 2018  displaying new light  K-Solis and the lamp VIBE designed by Studio Okular @ Messe Frankfurt, AGORA Stand B20 (Lumitech/ Kiteo)

K_Solis_und Vibe_StudioOkular


06.12.2017/ 18:00 exhibition opening ein Künstler/ zwei White Cubes/ fünf Museen is the beginning of the next steps in our research project dealing with the question „ Welches Licht braucht die Kunst?” An exhibition as experimental set up – displaying paintings from the series „Spectrum 2016“ by the artist Friedrich Biedermann.  „Spectrum 2016“ is predicated on an analysis of lighting conditions in various Viennese galleries and museums. The colors of the painings are derived from the results of the measurements. Through the impact of dynamic light sources inside Raumlabor S3T14 “Spectrum 2016”  gets alive.

25.10.2017/ 17:00 “Interdisziplinäre Lichtvermessung” – presentation of the research work that is currently taking place in Raumlabor S3T14  by Andrea Graser. This event is part of an events/ lectures series Angewandte Praxis at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna.

05.10. until 08.10.2017 Studio Okular and Kiteo display a new lamp K-SOLIS @ design district fair 2017, Vienna


05.10.2017 Light Path stops infront of Hofburg, Vienna during design district 2017

25.09.2017 “Five is Light” first images of testing phase –  shopping window fashion store Trendzeit, Vienna


22.09.2017 “Good VIBErations” – 8 lamps VIBE for a great light atmosphere inside the marquee during LUMITECH’s anniversary party

VIBE by KITEO, 2017

22.09.2017  LIGHT PATH in on tour again; Tour starts at LUMITECH’s 20th anniversary at Jennerdorf, Austria on Friday.

Next Stop: Design District 2017, Vienna (from 5.10. until 8.10.2017)

Light Path, 2017

15.05.2017 Studio Okular wins competition “Five is Light”, Vienna

Five is light – competition – concept image

27.04.2017  Temporary Raumlabor S3T14 at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna


Andrea Graser and the Institute of Architecture (IoA) under Prof. Klaus Bollinger undertake (in collaboration with Prof. Günther Leising and Prof. Helmut Leder) first studies on the impact of digital lighting on the visual perception of art inside the White Cube.

10.11.2016 Anniversary celebration – 1 year TRENDZEIT Fashion Store, Vienna


02.11.2016 LIGHT PATH on tour – from Budapest to Munich


15.10.2016 Opening – Exhibtion  Melinda Esterházy @ Schloss Esterházy Eisenstadt.  Buero bauer the designers of the exhibition refere to the metaphor of the stage. STUDIO OKULAR was in charge of the lighting design.

Melinda Esterhazy Studio Okular Flyer Büro Bauer

25.09.2016 Finissage – Exhibtion ROBERT LA ROCHE: Personal View  at  MAK an exhibition designed by  STUDIO OKULAR.

MAK Robert La Roche

01.06.2016: “100 Häuser” Magazine – lauch event at Palais Rasumofsky, Vienna – with 100 great articls about 100 faszinating houses; also included under rubric products an article about the VIBE by Studio Okular and the Light Path by Studio Okular and Friedrich Biedermann


Architekur und Bau Forum 05/2015
Manuela Hötzl im Gespräch mit Andrea Graser

Architekur aus Licht
Die Architektin Andrea Graser ist Studio Okular. Ein Okular bildet ein reelles Zwischenbild einer optischen Abbildung für das menschliche Auge virtuell ab. Der Name verweist auf die Spezialisierung des Büros: Als Designpartner von Architekten, Künstlern und Lichtfirmen arbeitet Graser an ganzheitlichen Konzepten und synergetischen Designlösungen zum Thema Licht. Aber nicht nur, selbst zwölf Jahre als Architektin bei Coop Himmelb(l)au beschäftigt, versteht sie Architektur als dynamischen Raum – ohne vom Maßstab abhängig zu sein. Von der Vibe-Leuchte über ein Geschäftslokal bis hin zu Großbauten in China reicht ihr Betätigungsfeld. Mit FORUM sprach Andrea Graser über die Bedeutung von Licht in der Planung und der Überschneidung von Kunst und Architektur….read more

04.05. – 25.09.2016 ROBERT LA ROCHE: Personal View at MAK, Vienna
Curator: Thomas Geisler
Exhibtion Design: Studio Okular


04/2016 – VIBE Lighting
Company: KITEO
Desgin: Sudio Okular

VIBE biorhythmic lighting by KITEO
VIBE biorhythmic lighting by KITEO

04/2016 – 09/2016 Light Path ON TOUR
Vienna, Munich, Zurich, Stuttgard, Köln,…

Artist: Friedrich Biedermann
Construction Planning: Studio Okular
Sparring Partner: KITEO


13.3.-18.3.2016 Light+Building, Frankfurt/ Main

Studio Okular_Paradigma_Light_Wall_L+B
Paradigma Ligth Wall for Lumitech by Studio Okular, Light+Building 2016

13.3.-18.3.2016 Light Path at Luminale,  Frankfurt/ Main

Light Path Hauptwache Frankfurt

Events 2015

06.11.2015 Opening Party Fashion Store TRENDZEIT

Opening Party TRENDZEIT 6.11.2015
Opening Party TRENDZEIT 6.11.2015