Product Design/ Light K-Solis

„a child of the sun“

Design catching the sun. K-Solis combines a glass lamp and a fabric lamp and uses both characteristics for light distribution.

K-Solis consists of a glass sphere and a fabric shade. The fabric spans over to different sized metal rings. The taller ring defines the overall size of the lamp. The smaller ring – is situated above the middle axis of the taller one- defines the opening. The glass sphere inhabiting the light source is pushed through the opening and deforms the fabric by its dead weight. Both fabric parts are deformed by the weight and the dimension on the sphere displaying itself on the bottom view. K-Solis is taking its final shape.

The fabric becomes a luminous body displaying its characteristics. Through its translucency the contours of the PiLed sphere are slightly visible. Fabric as substrate and the light as actor. Gently the lamp gets integrated in its surrounding. Gently the biorhythmic lighting illuminates the space.

Product design by Studio Okular for Kiteo www.kiteo.eu