Façade and Light Design

Façade + Light Design: Studio Okular
Architect: Wolf Reicht Architects
Program: Fitness Centre
Location: Changxing Island, P.R.China
Client: Urban Planning Bureau, Changxing Island
Status: Invited Competition/ 1st Prize

STUDIO OKULAR works alongside Wolf Reicht Architects to design a facade system and an exterior lighting scheme of the Changxiang Sports Center building.

Over 4000 uniformed sequins emboss the buildings multifaceted appearance during daytime.  The facade pattern follows the overall geometry of the building and defines it uniqueness.  Each individual panel is a plane disc (diameter 1,2m) folded along one side creating little feathers. These feathers have an integrated LED lightning system illuminating the individual discs and defining the image of the building at night.  The metallic surfaces of the discs reflect the colored light and the building surface gets a third dimension.

The light design uses a wide range of various color settings and animated light sequences to create a memorable building image. The proposal foresees a set of customized scores specially developed for the building. The effect of the diffuse light makes the liveliness of the building that can change it appearance in multiple ways. The building becomes an interactive urban light sculpture defining the identity of the area.