AQUATHERME – Lightdesign, 2021

Light design concept

The space-forming steel structure is bathed in changeable light. The color of the light changes dynamically within the color spectrum of the sun. By DMX programming the light moods, their light intensity and coloring are changeable. The lighting design was implemented together with the company Multivision.
The light in the outdoor area, on the other hand, is deliberately restrained. It discreetly sweeps across the landscape. In addition to light beams that create selective light sequences, additional light sources are hidden underneath the wooden lounging area and illuminate the meadow areas in front of it. They can be controlled dynamically and, in harmony with the light in the outdoor pool, can define the atmosphere of the outdoor area.
The light in the outdoor area is subdued and not intrusive. Light from the interior enters the exterior from the skylights. The curved roofscape is brightened with additional outdoor spotlights. In contrast, there is no façade lighting. By illuminating the interior, the facade fades completely into the background and the boundaries between inside and outside become fluid. Due to DMX programming, the lighting of the interior and exterior can be coordinated and coupled.

Architect: StudioGA, Munich
Executing company: Multivision, Linz
Location: Straubing, Germany