‘Built architecture is only created through light and light is what makes it dynamic.’

Studio Okular sees itself as a transmitter at the intersection of architecture, art and light. In addition to classic architecture projects such as interiors, building facades, urban spaces and park landscapes, the firm focuses on light sources. These serve to create spaces. The light itself is used as the material. Thus Studio Okular develops dynamic, transformable and experimental light architecture.

Studio Okular is Design Partner of architects, artists and light companies. Together we develop holistic light concepts, as well as dynamic space compositions and synergetic design solutions.

Studio Okular was founded by Andrea Graser and builds on extensive knowledge in the field of architecture and art. For years’ experience in the development of international top-class projects build the base.

Studio Okular emphasises on research and development. In focus: the development of light objects and methods of lightening in the field of art and architecture.

Studio Okular offers individual consulting during planning and construction phases.

Digital simulation and production tools control the development and realisation of our projects. Projects that follow codes of seeing that we all share. Codes that are part of the collective memory of today’s society; for example the signals that go along side everyday life (city, street) the ring tone of mobile phones or the light of Oleds  screens.

We are using old and new codes that are part of everyone’s life. In our work we implement new codes in existing structures. “Visual Coding” and the development of a new language by implementing digital tools, is the aim.



Mag.arch. Andrea Graser
Fasangasse 49/22
1030 Vienna/ Austria
+43 664 9381310

Firmenbuchnummer: 434006w
UID: ATU56615103

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